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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Learning Gateway Conference and Novotronix

I thought it was about time I put this post up.
One afternoon in the Oldbury office when I first started with the company I picked up a colleagues extension and it was one of the Network Si customers...
“Can you help us with SharePoint...”
As I was quite new at the time and obviously not too familiar with what SharePoint was.
I decided to ask my colleagues as I would normally do here as who is best to help, (after hearing the full requirements) -three of my colleagues agreed we get a specialist SharePoint implementation company known as Novotronix out to see them.
I went on my colleagues recommendation as many of them have been working here many years and I respected what they had to say and put the customer in touch with Novotronix.

The IT Manager for this NHS group in the West midlands came back to me thanking me for the recommendation, I was quite chuffed “A flexible company with some good projects going on” was the comments given to me (as I'm not technical!) I was happy my colleagues gave me the right advice as I know how NHS dept IT can be difficult :-)

Just to show how IT is such a small world, 3 years later I bumped into Novotronix again!
This time face to face with one of the Directors Steve Eyton Jones, we was both at the Learning Gateway Conference in the West Midlands. I was on the desk helping sign guests in and I recognised the company name straight away and even managed to have a chat at the end with Steve as I was collecting the conference feedback forms, I asked him what interested him in attending on the day he explained the company he works for are able to provide sharePoint solutions in Education and talked me through some of his latest LEA wins he was very proud on the number of schools and colleges in the region his solutions are helping.

When I got back into the office I decided to check out Novotronix and did some of my own research, as you do -I asked a few questions to industry experts SharePoint MVPs everything they had to say on Novotronix was positive I thought well I will check on the EduGeek website and maybe there might be a few conflicting views..........it was all positive - I had to be 101% sure before I made this post!!

If you wanted to see the completed projects for yourself http://www.novotronix.co.uk/

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