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Friday, 4 September 2009

staff productivity with Microsoft Office Communication Server 2007 r2

Are you wanting better productivity from your staff?
Are you wanting to reduce expenditure, whilst maintaining best of breed technologies?

Look no further then Microsoft Office Communications Server.
OCS is at the forefront leading the way we communicate with colleagues/departments, outside companies, peers.
The features include- Telephone Exchange integration (meaning you can call your Exchange Server to check on emails, diary, tasks and all your other Outlook Functionality)- Voice,
file transfer, instant messaging, video communication
Software is used to increase and streamline all communications, inc the typical conference call.

Your staff can collaborate in real time to get more work done.

Microsoft staff themselves are using the latest Office Communications Server r2 and are saving on average 90,000 Million in travel costs alone.

A less biased example, 46, 000 staff at Lionbridge save 25hours each on average a year with OCS which equals 125,000 hours saved in total which equates to 60 additional staff to the organisation.

OCS gives Lionbridge that competitive advantage needed especially in todays climate.
Staff benefit from better work flexibility, which is easily adoptable -with an easy intuitive, single interface bringing your organisation benefits today, saving money, delighting your peers, reducing environmental impact and increasing productivity.
If you want to see how OCS can benefit you today call Microsoft Gold Partners Network Si on 0121 511 1234 to arrange f0r an on site visit by one of our Certified Consultants.

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