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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Supporting IT Schools Africa Charity

As many of you will already know myself and my colleague Rebecca Purchase (forensic science student at Teeside University) have recently returned from a trip to Africa, a place called The Gambia. Gambia is one of the safest countries in Africa the African peace talks are held annually here. It is a very religious country with 95% being Muslim and 5% christian whom, all live in harmony with one another -This was actually the very first thing we noticed about The Gambia, how helpful and friendly the people are.

The schools we visited were mainly Primary schools to start with. Most of which were taught English and English history with some of the teachers coming from Ireland. Gambia was a British colony.

One school in particular which stood out was Prospects Daycare and Nursery School which has been established in 2003 firstly as a nursery school then becoming a Primary School. The head teacher Mariama Kunda explained that the next nearest Primary school was over 5.5 KM away which was the reason he felt it was neccessary to set up the Primary also. The children at the school were full of energy and with bigger smiles on their faces than some of the kids back at home in the UK - Then again it was a PE lesson at the time. It was amazing how smartly dressed the students were, all wearing their uniforms.

The kids were asking me and Becky lots of questions keen to learn about us, including asking for our email address which I was quite surprised at as I couldn't see any computer let alone an Internet connection.

Just outside the school at the market the young children followed me and Becky around, curious to know where we were from and what football team we supported and then for our email address. I thought this was great that the kids wanted to stay in touch with us and via technology. One person I met was even studying for an NVQ in IT and showed me his paper work to show this, he was very proud.

Becky and I left pads and pens at the schools. We are actively encouraging people their old kit out to schools like this for example Aston Manor School have already donated over 200 desktops to the IT schools Africa charity.

Why shouldn't the kids in Africa have computers?

Why shouldn't they be able to share information with the West?

Let us encourage peace throughout the world, a connected nation.

IT Schools Africa are a UK based charity who work with schools out in Africa, can you help them to donate pentium III desktop computers and above, or laptops (with their power adaptors) Keyboards, mice and power leads.-Digital projectors?

Can you help us, contact Phil direct at IT Schools Africa below

Unit 8
Mead Park
Industrial Estate
Mead Road
GL53 7EF
+44 (0) 1242 228800

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  1. Education is very important because it will set as a foundation to production capability. I hope that people with a big heart will support schools in Africa.